VISO Farmacéutica, at your side

Quiénes somos

Who we are

VISO Farmacéutica is a laboratory owned by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company with a global track record.

We were founded in Spain in April 2015, since when we have developed our market share in the sector, becoming leaders in addressing pathologies such as malaria and heart failure.

VISO Farmacéutica is currently undergoing a period of growth and expansion, with a clear priority: to distribute treatments that contribute to improving people’s quality of life and help to develop a sustainable healthcare system.

European network

Laboratories throughout Europe

Our link with Glenmark means we are able to participate in a European network with a presence in Germany, Slovakia, Czechia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Romania and Poland.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We generate value

At VISO Farmacéutica, we want to generate a positive impact on our surroundings. We are open to new collaboration pathways that can help us contribute to the common good of society.

The 3 pillars of VISO Farmacéutica


Innovation is the present and future of VISO Farmacéutica. Our investment in this area is essential to improving people’s quality of life by developing treatments that are ever more specific and suited to their needs.


We work with healthcare professionals and patients to identify their needs and meet their expectations. Our maxim is to build bridges that enable us to engage in dialogue and build trust with respect to our health services.


At VISO Farmacéutica, we strive for excellence. With that in mind, our human and technical resources are dedicated to achieving sustainability, satisfaction and the generation of value within the pharmaceutical sector.

The philosophy of VISO Farmacéutica


To improve people’s quality of life

Our main mission is to supply treatments to patients and healthcare professionals that will improve people’s quality of life. Our commitment is based on cooperating with our environment and on offering high-quality medicines at affordable prices.


To exceed our goals and be leaders among pharmaceutical companies

We are looking to the future with excitement at VISO Farmacéutica. That’s why we are taking our desire to exceed our goals and be leaders among pharmaceutical companies and using it as a driver to ensure that patients are fully satisfied.


Our pillars are research, development and innovation

At VISO Farmacéutica, we believe in research, development and innovation in order to produce medicines that help to improve people’s quality of life. Our work takes into account the needs of patients, doctors and pharmaceutical professionals so that we can supply them with effective and safe products that contribute to the development of a sustainable healthcare system.

In order to notify us of adverse effects or quality issues regarding any medication and medical information consultations, please contact PHARMACOVIGILANCE by telephone (+34) 91 159 39 46 or by email: